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Educational Services

Individualized Learning – educational supports are available through data assessments to create measurable custom curriculum.

Diversifying the Workforce through Early Awareness and Mentorship – Entrepreneurship, Internship, Mentoring, ODE Curriculum models for Technology/Entrepreneurship, etc.

*  IEP & SPED services - provide supplemental learning support for students with IEPs during unique school year and beyond.

*  Tutoring/Homework Assistance – Highly Qualified Teachers (HQT) provide onsite, hybrid or remote support. 

• engaging in remote learning lessons.

• completing independent work that is assigned; and

• engaging in enrichment activities during the portion of the week they are not engaged in traditional (in-person) classroom instruction

* Out-of-School time Programs and Summer Learning Camps – Enrichment activities include study packages and learning activities, study groups and educational field trips.

Parent & Student Advocacy- Support parents and students when meeting with school personnel for the benefit of the student.  This includes but not limited to IEP’s, 504’s, RTI’s compliance meetings.  We can answer most school related questions and concerns for positive outcomes.

Adult Diploma Program - The Adult Diploma Program provides free job training and a new pathway for adults, ages 18 or older, to earn a high school diploma AND industry credentials aligned to one of Ohio’s in-demand jobs. What makes this program different from a traditional high school setting is the delivery of instruction to adults. Instead of measuring academic achievement through clock hours, seat time or credits earned, the focus is on a competency-based approach that provides a self-paced option. Once competencies have been learned, adults then demonstrate mastery of skill. Each eligible adult works with the provider to create a customized student success plan.

Education Consulting - provide support to students and present them educational and career opportunities.  Assisting students who are undergoing transitions in their education process, providing information on college admission procedures, advising students on college admission tests, supporting minorities and special populations, and helping students at risk and/or accommodations.

Financial Aid Application Services – Will help individuals and families complete government vouchers, grant and financial aid packages for college bound students, government aid renewal process

College Mentorship – Provide college mentorship to matriculate the college experience from its onset until graduation and beyond.  Develop relevant relationships with all stakeholders.

*  Free Internet Access – Community members can share the hotspots or computers with hotspots for internet access.

Home School Support – As home schooling has increased so has the demand for answers.  We will provide meaningful resources, strategies and learning opportunities to fit individual needs with 24-hour support.

* Virtual Learning Coach – online and remote learning support

Flexible hours – Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., Monday – Sunday, Year around. 

Community Resources

* BCI&FBI Webchecks – Webcheck Agent

*  Mobil Notary Service  

*  Scanning/Fax/Printing/Copies

*  Conference Room


Developmental Programs

Education Testing Service – Test Proctoring, test scoring and test strategies and resources

Career & job entrepreneurship supports – Partnering with community resources to help participants to become lifelong learners, prepared for the 21st Century global economy.

HOPE Program - Classroom setting is provided for Teen parents to bring their babies with them while they work on classwork from their teachers in the Adult Diploma Program

Social Emotional Learning/Trauma Informed Mental Health Systems – Trained staff will build a platform in response to trauma with real work and world solutions.

* Senior Connections – Provide information, resources, support, and transportation for 60+

*Help develop learning products - for Teachers, Administrators and schools use to improve student achievement, community outreach and learning outcomes.

* Wraparound services – Wholistic support is mandatory to meet the needs of the individuals to foster success.

* Educator Professional learning communities – Professional Development available to suite your needs.  Network with professionals in your content area, new educators and Administrators.  Earn experience and CEU credits from ODE licensed professionals while in college or the residency program.

Multiple Platforms for Multiple Services – We operate in high economical and educational need areas to meet people where they are.  Our partnerships include Churches, Schools, Libraries, Businesses, Government agencies, Colleges, Re-entry programs, community services program, community centers, and our brick-and-mortar location.  Service deliveries include one-on-one, small group, hybrid, and remote learning opportunities.

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