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Preparing Students for Tomorrow's Workforce

ALL Access Learning (AAL), an Education Service Center with 22 years of experience in Pre k-12 and Adult Education. AAL will provide students,  teachers, and leaders the in-depth, customized support they need to adopt to three urgent instructional shifts and build capacity for the long term. In Addition, AAL tackled some of the most common challenges for school systems. Implementing innovating rigorous curriculum, adapting instruction for blended learning (virtual, and building internal capacity for professional growth and development. 


Economic uncertainty, online learning, lifelong development, remote working, and digital
transformation in schools and other organizations are not new. However, the global pandemic is
accelerating these trends.  When choosing resources and learning opportunities, the top requirements
are flexibility in how learning is delivered, how much the program embraces digital transformation and
how much the program will accelerate career prospects. The learning community will benefit in all
aspects of our Program learning model through collaborative community efforts.
Less than four in ten (38%) of individual learners rated blended learning (face to face and online) as their
ideal skills development path for the next five years. The unprecedented results of remote learning
have created learning atmospheres of uncertainty.

Uncertainty has increased the need for access to resources and supervised support. Access to
community engagement, supervised learning coupled with the need for Community resiliency is
enhanced and opportunities for the individuals are extended. This occurs both through increased time
spent within an educational program, as well as an extended exposure to varied experiences.

I became interested in my own educational platform because too often, notwithstanding best efforts
and intentions of public learning institutions, minority and disadvantaged students are more likely to
view the educational system as one that continues to not address the needs of the individual. Iam a
certified educator who has served as Principal and Teacher for over 22 years, and spent more time on
political and regulatory agendas than I was permitted to spend the reactive time on students as opposed
to proactive time implementing opportunities.

Having the autonomy to individualize learning, goals, and opportunities ensures the client will have the
resources to grow forward as they embark in careers and/or entrepreneurship. Time is one of the
barriers that prevent educational goals and opportunities from becoming a reality. We only focus on
the learning needs unlike traditional models the forces clients to complete unnecessary courses, tasks,
and programs that are too tedious and lengthy.

ALL Access Learning (AAL) will foster collaboration with communities by giving large, small and minority
businesses opportunities to support mentorships and internships for our clients. Our vision is to create
and allegiance of community membership of small and minority owned businesses that support AAL
participants as they achieve their learning and career goals.

Our relevancy will be based on lifelong skills and opportunities that aids in self-sufficiency. The goal of
resiliency is to create opportunities within the individual’s community to help neighborhoods thrive and
become independent by giving back.

I'm always looking from new and exciting Opportunities 
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